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It had been a while indeed, but here she was yet again at the mansion.  It was quiet.  
Almost dead.
But here she was, and here she would stay.  She had learnt her lesson.  Her gigantic legs creaked into life, and she slowly walked towards the doors, taking care not to step on any stray plants or damage the ground beneath her.  Her search had proven fruitless.  She had hoped that he may have been out there, somewhere.
There was no one but silence.

Truly, she was never going to be able to get back to where she came from, but her core throbbed with a dull ache for those that had slipped through her thin fingers.
Don't be sad, Karune!  Your family here might still like you.  Even though you left them without a word, without a hint as to where you had gone!  

She paused at the door, humanoid eye creasing into a frown.  This could be a bad idea.
But if he wasn't out there, where could she go?  Don't be afraid, Karune!  You can do it!

((I'm back.))


Part of :iconvocaloidrp-da:
As Karune had gazed at the lovely dress wrapped up neatly in that little box, she had been- in summary- befuddled.  It was a beautiful item of clothing indeed, and seemed dreadfully out of place.  Karune hadn't worn anything like this in, well, years.

Possibly decades.

She took the time to run her skeletal hand across the fabric, examining it from every angle with a kind of childish glee.  This could even be fun, to dress up and serve people!  In fact, one could say that Karune was almost excited, until she encountered a rather prominent dilemma.

How on earth was she going to put this dress on.

She peered down at her bladed arm, then at the sleeves of the rather figure hugging uniform.  Oh no.  
This was going to be difficult.

The sounds of frantic clicking and pure frustration echoed through the night as Karune began to engage into battle with the terrible feat of changing clothes.


Part of :iconvocaloidrp-da:
((Ahhhh crap.  I've barely had Karune for very long, so I guess there's not much to say.;  And since it's been new year and all, I haven't been very active anyway. xD;  

But hey, those who have RPed with her, feel free to comment!  I'm really worried that I make her too bland or something, since she can't speak, and this is my first time playing a 'mute' character.

So fire away!))
Hatsune Miku was her name.  She was a Vocaloid, a perfect voice for the sweet symphonies that the 'Masters' would compose; an outlet of artistic expression, and she had changed the world of music forever.  Many had come before, and many had come after, but Miku remained the queen of the electronic divas.  Her software was widespread, her name was so well known, her voice had dazzled millions...

But there was no one left to appreciate Hatsune Miku anymore.

Where had the 'Masters' gone?  
Where had her 'family' gone?

There was nothing left but scraps and the last shreds of the technology of humanity, fiendish metallic trees that bent precariously over the edges of craters (created by man, no less, just as those monstorous tree-like forms had been) and robots that had developed and survived through their own A.I. and evolution.  

They were all cockroaches.  Hatsune Miku was one of those cockroaches.  A thin, waif-like shadow of her former self.  She was alive- as alive as a robot could be- but she was no diva.  She could no longer sing, as there was no one to sing to.

Hatsune Miku couldn't be Hatsune Miku anymore.  Her hands moved towards her throat, towards that precious chip that had enabled her to reach out to the hearts of the world, and tore it ou-

Karune awoke with a sudden jerk of her body, her red eye rolling in it's socket, the other blinking slowly.  She had often thought of her time there since coming to the mansion, but never had the thought been quite so vivid nor disturbing.  
She was fully aware that she had not been dreaming.  Robots could not dream, she knew this, and she knew that it was just her memory banks making thorough backup copies of the things she had experienced and witnessed.  Karune knew this.  But why did the memory bother her so much?  It was not new or unusual to her, and it was hardly appropriate and quite foolish to be affected by them.  

She remained still then, but the armatures attached to her jaw continued to move and stretched outwards, gently clawing at the air, as if playing an invisible piano.  She raised her single skeletal arm and extended a finger, pressing it hard against the jagged tip of one of the spider-like appendages.  It didn't hurt.
Even with that organic limb, Karune felt nothing.  

You know.
She might've cried, if she were human.     


(Really needed an intro journal sooo... Here you go!  I hope it's not too confused or anything.; )